Flavors Of Malaysia

You will learn how to take Asian ingredients and cook popular Malaysian specialties. In my fragrant kitchen, this hands-on approach cooking class allows the herbs and spices to be the guide. Take a journey through Malaysia and experience food cooked with fresh aromatics, spices and sauces that is never flat but always enticing.


Chili Garlic Chicken–fusion of Indian, Chinese and British flavors cooked in secret Malaysian sauces with green onions and sesame. This is a recipe keeper!
MeeGoreng- Mee goreng pushcarts are all over the city when you visit Malaysia. Strands of fresh egg noodles are stir-fried with kicap manis, egg, tofu, plenty of Asian greens served with a squeeze of fresh lime. Each strand is delicious!
Campari Tomatoes and Basil Salad– juicy tomatoes with a touch of Malaysian sambal vinaigrette simply perfect for the season!
Tea and chef’s signature dessert