Asian Dumplings For Dinner

The comforting taste of dumplings … some filled with morsel of juicy pork loin, shrimp and spring onions, others with mushrooms, cabbage and bamboo shoots. Then dipped in sauces backed up by ginger, chilies, black vinegar and peanuts. The experience is delicious, whether it is steamed, boiled or pan fried, prioritizing wholesome ingredients. Dumplings are fun. It’s a social activity where you get to work with your hands. Come and immerse in a culinary journey learning to fill, shape and cook dumplings that are simply divine. They are wonderful enjoyed with Malaysian Style Cucumber Salad and Sweet-Sour Sticky Pork Chops. Be prepared to get plenty of compliments when you serve these dishes to your family and friends.

Hands-on Cooking Menu

Cucumber Sesame Salad

Flavorful Dipping Sauces

Sweet Sour Pork Chops