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Professional Chef - Christina Arokiasamy

Global Plant-Forward Culinary Summit

The Global Plant-Forward Culinary Summit, presented by The Culinary Institute of America, will be a deep dive into culinary and menu R & D strategy. The summit coincides with the launch of their Plant-Forward Kitchen education and digital media initiative which will continue to drive CIA content development in the months and years to come to support this important plant-forward foodservice industry trend and imperative. Featuring a demonstration and cooking workshops for chefs by leading chef and expert Christina Arokiasamy, you won’t want to miss it.

Global Plant Forward Cuisine Culinary Summit

April 26-28, 2022 – Napa, California
Christina Arokiasamy - California events

Christmas at The Four Seasons Hotel

Beverly Hills, California

Chef Christina Arokiasamy Image events

Introducing Malaysian Food To Miami

Miami, Florida

Chef Christina Arokiasamy Smiling and Presenting Image

Media Dinner

New York City, New York

Chef Christina Arokiasamy Cooking Image

Media Dinner

Seattle, Washington

Chef Christina Arokiasamy Smiling and Cooking Image

Media Dinner

San Francisco, California

Chef Christina Arokiasamy cooking Image

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