Thai Cuisine For Winter

The Thais are obsessed with flavorful food and one of the ways they achieve flavor is with sauces, herbs and condiments. In the Thai kitchen braising and stir-frying methods are preferred because they seal in all the nutrients. In this hands-on cooking class, I will teach you to create Thai flavors that warm the soul in the most authentic way. Taste a vibrant salad with grape, cucumber and toasted rice in citrus dressing. Balance sweet sour salty and savory flavors to create restaurant favorite wok-fried cashew chicken to delectable coconut curries infused with lemongrass. Your culinary journey of Thailand will immerse your senses in delightful aromas, new flavors and cultural stories of this land of smiles.
Winter Hands-on Cooking Menu
Thai Style Grape and Cumber Salad with Toasted Rice in Citrus Dressing
Bangkok Style Stir- Fry Chicken and Cashews in Roasted Chili Jam
Thai Coconut Lemongrass Curry with Baby Eggplant, Lotus and Basil Leaves with Jasmine Rice
Dessert with Wine and Tea