Journey Into Indian Kitchen With Spices

In the springtime – fresh, bright colors and lightly spiced food using homemade masalas is the way to cook and eat. This class teaches you the secrets to Indian spicing that will make you crave more fresh vegetables that are coming into season. The Indian way of spicing using dried powdered spices, whole spices and fresh red onion, garlic, ginger and herbs such as parsley creates layers of flavor in the pan/wok. In this hands-on class you will create the famous chicken tikka baked in a delicious spiced cream sauce. Then on the stove top, I will teach you how to make one of my family’s favorite rice pilaf with currents in cardamom cashew butter. You can customize the food of course to your liking “spicy or spicy not”. Enjoy making Indian samosas filled with lentils and new potatoes dipped in tangy sweet tamarind chutneys. These are dishes that are hard to come by in a home- style manner. Experience a journey into the Indian kitchen.


Baked Chicken Tikka Masala served with Fresh Green Peas, Currents and Cardamom Butter Rice Pilaf

Indian Samosas with Lentils and New Potatoes in an herb filled masala served
with Sweet and Tangy Tamarind Chutney

Sautéed Aubergines, Carrots and Turnips in Indian Style Tomato Cumin and Coriander Sauce
Dessert / Wine and Tea