The Cuisine of Indonesia and The Islands of Bali

Cook and Immerse yourself in the authentic cuisine of the spice islands of Bali Indonesia. These exotic flavors infused with candlenuts, coconuts, chilies, garlic and other fresh aromatics serve as a foundation flavor for various sauces: peanut sauce drizzled over sizzling chicken satays or creamy, sweet and tangy red sambals poured over fresh seafood. Rest assured, you will easily be able to duplicate these wonderful experiences in your kitchen. Bali is a popular tourist destination fronting the Indian Ocean and historically an epicenter of the spice islands. Bali is also known for its healthy tropical cuisine, tasty sambals “the salsa of Southeast Asia”, wild red rice seasoned with ginger and mild curries. Take a journey to the spice island through this class and enjoy unique cooking techniques with banana leaves, using the wok or grinding spices with the mortar and pestle just as they do in Bali.

Cooking Class Menu

Ubud Sizzling Chicken Satay Wraps served with Peanut Sauce Pepes Ikan

Marinated Seafood in Coconut Sambal Wrapped in Banana Leaves Served with Bali Style Wild Red Rice Seasoned with Ginger Opor

Javanese Style Braised Potatoes and Vegetables Candlenut Sauce Dessert

Wine and Tea