The Perfect Pad Thai Cooking Class

In this class, you are guaranteed the best street food experience, with techniques to make them in your own home, just as if you came with me to Bangkok. Pad Thai, the noodle dish found in almost every Thai restaurant around the world happens to be different along the streets of Banglamphu, in old Bangkok, where I lead my food tours. Here, the fresh rice noodles called k’tieu are wok fried with wild prawns, eggs and bean sprouts, but in tangy sweet tamarind sauce topped with peanuts and chili flakes and it never sees a drop of red tomato ketchup. It’s a perfect balance of the sweet, salty and sour, and with smoky undertones… this is authentic Thai cooking.


Pad Thai Goong Street Noodles with wild prawns, beansprouts, chilies topped with crushed peanuts in authentic tangy sauce

Sticky chili chicken wings with fragrant Lemongrass

Bangkok Style Cucumber and Cashew Salad with Mint Leaves

Pad Thai Bangkok Style Image