Thai Cooking For Health and Flavor

These pork chops just spoke to me to share in a cooking class … each piece is perfectly caramelized with flavors of lemongrass exuding from the cast iron pan. The secret is in the healthy Thai seasoning sauce which is quick and so delicious making this my family favorite dish and a sure crowd pleaser.

The chops go perfectly with a medley of fresh vegetables wok fried in Thai sauces, the cooking is so quick that all the nutrients are retained. In this class you will learn the secret behind Thai seasonings, healthy cooking techniques using purple shallots, wild honey, fresh garlic, red chilies, oyster sauce, golden ginger, coconut milk and all things delectable. What a wonderful way to kick start your New Year with health and flavor that one can stick to!


Pork Chops seasoned with Fragrant Lemongrass, Honey, and delicous health-giving spices served with Warm That Jasmine Rice

Stir-fried Fresh Broccoli, Cauliflower and Shiitake Mushrooms in Thai Sauces

Butternut Squash in Light Coconut Milk Soup with Makrut Lime Leaf

Warm Fruit Tart for Dessert/Wine and Tea