Exploring Malaysian Portuguese Cuisine

The Portuguese ruled Malacca in the Malay Peninsula from 1511 to 1641, and long after that, many local Malaccan Portuguese integrated into the Malaysian way of life while retaining their culinary culture. I travel each year with a group of foodies to a small province called Portuguese Settlement just 30 minutes’ walk east from the town of central Malacca. One of my favorite highlights is enjoying the variety of seafood cooked in cast iron with succulent chili butter sauce and vegetables infused in the most delicate coconut curry with spices. You will learn how to sauté, make perfect curry, and other fundamental skills to enhance your everyday dishes. Explore the aromas and flavors of Malaysian Portuguese kitchen … where each dish is divine!


Portuguese Debal Prawns in Garlic Chili Butter Sauce
A medley of organic vegetables, plump tomatoes and carrots infused in delicious coconut curry Kapitan
Portuguese Style Baked Fish with Sambal, Basil, Lime and Ginger over brown rice…divine
Cream Corn Custard
Dessert & Wine