Easy Traditional Indian Favorites

On the eastern side of the Indian Peninsular, fronting the Bay of Bengal is Madras, the capital of Tamil Nadu state. This is where my family originated from and voyaged their way to Southeast Asia bringing the Spice Trade in their hands. Indian curries became part of my childhood enjoyment. Relatively little known in the West, Indian curries can range from simple to complex and from mild to recklessly pungent. Once you understand the spice merchant’s style of using warm mustard seeds, coriander, red chilies and peppercorns in Indian cooking, you will be able to create flavors with an entirely new dimension. This class is a beautiful culinary experience of a typical Indian Kitchen. Low in sodium, delicious and mindful that ingredients used are fresh and nutritious. Each dish speaks life in the Kitchen. Learn the art of Indian Cookery. Your body and the earth will thank you.


Mild Red Lentil Soup with Turmeric, Chickpeas and Cilantro … luscious
Madras Boatman’s Style Salmon Curry … exquisite
Sweet Green Peas and Potatoes cooked in Indian Tomato Sauce
Aromatic Basmati Cardamom Pilaf