Bali Indonesia

The cuisine of Bali is cherished by those who love to cook and find the flavors irresistible with each spoonful. Inspired by the ‘life force’ of natural ingredients – fragrant galangal, fresh ginger, garlic, mangoes and coconut that are rich in antioxidants and essential vitamins, every step is a journey of creation in the kitchen. The Balinese believe the aromatics have a way to revitalize all the senses. In Indonesian we call it “SUCI MURNI”. This class teaches you fantastic spice blends unique to Bali, then use this spice blend to jump start your own cooking with heavenly flavor. Relax, have fun and experience an authentic Balinese cooking class.


Welcome with Energizing Honey & Turmeric Tea
Balinese Mango Salad with Cashew Nuts and fresh Mint
Fresh Seafood Curry in a blend of Candlenuts, Fresh Ginger, Fragrant Galangal and Coconut Sauce Tofu and Organic Tomatoes cooked in traditional Sambal with Kicap Manis and Herbs served with Bali Red Rice
Balinese Dessert & Drinks