Popular Indian Dishes For Fall

I made my old favorite, Butter Chicken which is a rich,
aromatic tomato-cardamom crème curry made with tender
chicken. Coconut milk gives this dish its creamy richness. I
thought this would be an excellent dish to teach in the fall;
besides it being a popular dish ordered at restaurants. The
nice thing about this curry is that it cooks in 30 minutes and
the marinating can happen overnight. I serve the curry with
steamed Basmati rice and garlic Naan with melted butter as
they came out of the skillet. It’s sensational and the leftovers
are even better the next day. At home, we savor Butter
chicken with crisp haricot verts and a warm bowl of yellow
toor dal cooked with fragrant black cumin. These are perfect
Indian dishes to cook for fall. Come experience!


Butter Chicken Masala in Cardamom, Ginger, Fresh Spices and Light Cream Sauce

Zucchini and Haricot Verts Caramelized in Coriander, All Spice and Parsley

Yellow Toor Dal with Black Cumin and Squash with Garlic Naan

Nectar of the gods with lavender ice-cream for dessert

Cooking class $95.00 with dinner/Wine