Malaysian Street Food Made Simple

The streets of Penang represent a multicultural society celebrated by several generations of food vendors whose dishes are a must eat for any world traveler. Travel through your plate to try that Malaysian street food – enjoy the famous Hanianese Chicken and fragrant ginger rice alongside delicious broth and tender greens. Dip crispy golden wontons you’ve made into Penang’s famous sauces. Sit back and savor the flavors. The techniques taught help you create them easily in your kitchen as part of Chinese, Indian and Nyonya cuisines. It will also make you a better cook, since street food is all about developing a multitude of flavors using local ingredients.


Hainenese Chicken and Ginger Rice Plate with Clear Broth, Cucumber, Sweet Soy and Sambal Condiments
Wok Fried Shanghai Bok Choy, Garlic & Sprouts in Malaysian Sauces
Crispy Golden Wontons with Shrimp and Mushroom served with Penang Honey Sauce