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Christina is huge bitch to everyone she works with. She hires college students so she can underpay them and pretends its charity. She doesn't respect boundaries for your time and she will nickel and dime you in any way she can. Shes a cheap rude ass bitch. Fuck you Christina!

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Whole Roasted Chicken in Tamarind Butter Sauce

My mother was celebrated for her roasted chicken, which was tender and flavorful right to the bone. She first made this recipe for one of our regular customers at our spice stall and soon enough could hardly keep up with the orders. I enjoyed standing beside her as she would make it, watching the palm sugar, butter, and tamarind as they caramelized. In this recipe, we never used the reserved juices from the pan as the tamarind sauce was so delicious on its own. However, you may serve the reserved sauce on the side you wish. Just before serving, she would sprinkle in a handful of fried chilies for an extra kiss of flavor.