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The Cultural Kitchen Cooking School

Kent, Washington

cooking classes

Welcome to The Cultural Kitchen, a vibrant cooking school in Kent, Washington, dedicated to celebrating the rich tapestry of immigrant cuisines that have shaped our community. Nestled in the heart of East Hill Kent, The Cultural Kitchen is a hub for culinary exploration and cultural exchange.

At The Cultural Kitchen, we believe in the power of food to connect people and transcend borders. Our mission is to honor the culinary traditions and stories of immigrants, recognizing their contributions to our local food scene and fostering cross-cultural understanding.

These classes are led by world-class chef Christina Arokiasamy and experienced cooks who are passionate about sharing their culinary heritage, all cooking classes are hands-on and provide a unique opportunity to delve into the authentic flavors and techniques of immigrant cuisines unveiling secret ingredients, spices, master sauces, and cooking techniques that make each cuisine unique. Enjoy learning to cook Malaysian, Indonesian, Thai, and Burmese to Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Mexican, Afghanistan and Ethiopian cuisine and vibrancy of global gastronomy at the finest level.

Come as guests and leave as friends.