Oven-Baked Tandoori, Indian Style Salad & Garlic Naan

These are favorite dishes of Indian Malaysians for their amazing depth of flavor, yet they are refreshing enough for a light summer meal. Tandoori is a popular dish frequently ordered in Indian restaurants, that is cooked in a very hot clay oven called the tandoor. But you can learn to make incredible tandoori dish in a domestic oven with proper methods. A perfect combination of fresh spices, mixed with selected herbs makes absolutely delicious Tandoori – tender on the inside yet crisp on the outside. The tandoori you will learn to make is all natural without red coloring! Bring home tasty methods for a twist of Indian style BBQ and create fresh vegetables dishes brimming with colors of health!


Oven-baked Organic Chicken Tandoori
made with fresh ground spices served with
warm garlic naan Sautéed Crisp Okra
and Tomato Masala round spices served
with warm garlic naan Carrot and Mint
Raita Salad Split Lentil Soup and
Moroccan Mint and Daikon