Christina, you taught me how to layer the flavors. Your classes are invaluable and you inspire me!

Charles MillerGig Harbor, WA

I made a number of your recipes lately, and enjoyed them so very much. I am excited to have my sons at home this weekend, and to make your Pad Thai Noodles dish for them! And I dream about the Grilled Shrimp and Papaya Salad – Mmmmmm!

Chef Carol DearthBellevue, WA

I am not a good cook but I learned SO MUCH! You made the class enjoyable and explained things so I can understand. Each dish was amazing experience. I can hardly wait to cook from your cookbook. I actually want to go home and cook for my family. My family is going to think I ordered “take-out”. Thank you Christina! For sharing your food expertise and wonderful stories, you make food come alive. I love your class!

Denise WardUniversity Of Puget Sound

Your local culinary tour was a delightful educational taste of SE Asian cooking.  I learned how to select the various ingredients needed in creating the recipes you have taught us.  Not only was it a practical tour to places I can shop but it finished with a sumptuous meal using what we had learned.  Your classes are energized with your signature hospitality.


I humbly Thank YOU! I feel there is much more I can learn from you: you have such a great love of the colors, flavors and healing powers of the spices plus a great knowledge of how to combine them. Not only was I carried away by your excitement, but your very “deep knowing” of what you are doing. To observe you doing your alchemy is to begin to see the door-way you open into a whole new perspective of color and sensuality. I always knew that door-way was there, but I’ve been fumbling around trying to find the door knob!

You showed me how to hold my hand to open it just a bit. As a visual artist it’s impossible for me to separate one art from another—an “artistic approach” to life includes everything, and this you know very well, from the beauty of your home that you invite us into to your generosity of heart . Being around you is a great joy.

Rachel GasperPort Townsend, Wa

I am astounded by the party in my mouth and all of the vibrant flavors. I appreciate all of the history of this dishes and great explanation of ingredients. Also I am thrilled to say how I like Pad Thai, Sweet and Sour Tofu and Shitake Mushrooms – made your way! And personally – I can’t believe your energy and enthusiasm as high at the end as at the beginning. A MILLION thanks.

Darryle P., General ManagerUniversity of Puget Sound

Christina, everything you taught us this evening was so delicious. I really enjoyed each recipe. The fresh ingredients brought out individual favors. Your presentation was carefully prepared – the food was the best I’ve ever had. We recommend your classes to anyone wanting an expertly prepared authentic meal. Thank you.


Joanne Tacoma, WA

Overall the best cooking course I’ve had (even over my food service cooking course in school to become a registered dietician RD). Thank you so much for sharing your time, heart and passion! I am inspired!


Eve Thornton, Registered DieticianUniversity of Puget Sound

Thank you again for another wonderful evening of cooking. Hilary and I had a blast! All the food was so delicious and heavenly. I’ve learned so much and have been able to improve my cooking for my family. We usually eat the same things and your classes allow me to expand our eating repertoire. Thank you for being so generous in sharing your recipes and cooking techniques with us. You are so passionate about food and cooking. Your passion is contagious!

LisaSeattle, WA

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed your class, the food was EXCELLENT! Thank you so much for answering my questions regarding my digestion that was an extra boost for me. I was able to eat the Thai Green Curry with the extra peppers throughout the weekend. I am eating the last of it today for lunch and I have not had any problems with my stomach what so ever. You welcomed me with such warmth and care. Passionate and confident is your abilities to cook and bring people together.

Beverly JonesSeattle, WA

You always have the freshest ingredients in class. We are truly treated like guests in your school rather than student in a class yet every question is welcomed. You are always organized and prepared. This is my 8th year and I still enjoy every class.

Anita CokeKent, WA

Christina, you are a great teacher! It’s amazing you are able to break down recipes so that even beginners like us are able to be successful. We have taken so many classes from you, all your dishes are varies and always outstanding!

Maureen and Jennifer HiamTacoma, WA

Since taking your classes, I have learned so much about Southeast Asian cooking, and I understand more. I am able to purchase the required ingredients and I am not confused. You have made me confident in cooking flavorful and healthy meals for my family. Your classes are delightful, fun and interesting with both culture and culinary learning. This is something I experienced only in your cooking classes.

Rose Marie HowardKent, WA

Christina, your recipes and the flavors are OUTSTANDING! The textures and combinations of the food on the plate all complement each other. Your food always makes me happy.

Heather Mac MasterOlympia, WA

Christina, you taught me how to layer the flavors. Your classes are invaluable and you inspire me!


Charles MillerGig Harbor, WA

Asian Cuisine is growing in popularity, but it is hard for people to make it without an expert helping them (that expert is you).

Kathy ParisPuyallup, Washington

A lovely evening! The flavors and your teaching is what I will take away. They are unmatched.”

KathyKirkland, WA

The food was outstanding, the instructions were clear and recipes adapted as needed…for those with wimpy taste buds when it comes to spicy food.

Sheery DegaSpanaway, WA

Christina, your cooking classes are always excellent and the food is awesome.

Hee Won PattenUniversity Place, WA

Christina, you have changed the way I cook. I am so comfortable with spices and I now cook with confidence.

LindySeattle, WA