BOSCH Cooking Demo

March 2, Bellevue WA | March 3rd, South Center | March 30th Tacoma, WA

Located At Albert Lee Appliance Stores Locations

Bellevue! South Center and Tacoma! Join Chef Christina’s Malaysian Kitchen as she cooks up some Malaysian infused dishes on some of the best appliances Bosch has to offer! Chef Christina Arokiasamy, official Malaysian Food Ambassador to the United States, will encompass diverse flavors and techniques you’ll look forward to introducing to everyone. With BOSCH and Thermador’s new cooking technology you can achieve world class flavors quickly and with less effort in the kitchen. Come see the secrets to simple and exceptional food. This cooking demo is free, so bring your friends and appetite!

Cooking Demonstration Menu:

Lamb Satay and Malaysian Chicken Satay cooked on BOSCH steam ovens, Convection, Broil &

BOSCH Speed ovens

Vegetable Skewers features Thermador Convection Oven

Dark Chocolate Caramel Mousse on Induction Cooktop

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