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Asian Noodles For Dinner


Malaysian wok fried Mee Goreng and Thai Ladna Noodles in Gravy are great dishes you will never get tired of eating.


Rainy weather calls for hot off the wok noodles with bits of kale, collard greens, crispy tofu and eggs. Or indulge in a bowl of fresh rice noodles cooked in a flavorful gravy over chicken and mustard greens, so delicate it just melts in your mouth. Both mee goreng and Kuay Tiao Ladna are one of those great dishes you will never get tired of eating.


Mee Goreng-vegetarian style wok-fried noodles with kale, crispy tofu, sweet shallots, and egg cooked in delicious Asian sauces with lime. Popular street food of Indonesia, Malaysia & Singapore.

Kuay Tiao Ladna –Fresh wide rice noodles, dark green vegetables, and chicken cooked in a flavorful gravy. A favorite of most people who eat at Thai restaurants. Barbeque Hoisin Chicken Dessert & Wine

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